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Episode 01

Are you a Climate Rebel?

with Joel Cesare, Owen Barrett, and Chris Pomerleau,

Rayven Founders

In our first conversation on the Climate Rebels Podcast, we introduce ourselves and our company Rayven: Joel is one of the world's foremost experts on Net Zero. Owen started his career in finance, then managed energy at a Fortune 100 company before starting multiple ventures like ZNE Capital. Chris studied law and has a deep real estate background, controlling $280 million in assets, but when Owen came to him asking about a potential partnership centered around climate change, the stars aligned.

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We introduce Rayven – our new company democratizing the ability to invest in net zero real estate and how we’re integrating real estate investing with climate change. We begin to answer questions like “what does ESG mean?” “Why do we believe companies based on their future promises?” “What is Regulation A?, 506 C and B?” After we break it down, listen for our game “Fake or real ESG story of the week!”

Rebel topics:

  • Getting financial institutions to back the climate change approach
  • What we hope to get out of this podcast
  • Having an approachable conversation on the climate movement
  • Bringing a fresh perspective, especially to young audiences
  • The “climate denier”
  • Fake or real ESG story of the week
  • Regulation A raising
  • …and more!

Connect with Rayven:

@JoinRayven on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok