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Owen Barrett

Co-Founder & President

Since earning a bachelor’s degree in finance, cutting his teeth in the financial industry, and earning a master’s degree in environmental science and management, Owen’s been on a professional rampage, pushing complacency and bureaucracy aside and decarbonizing our economy at an impressive rate.
As a Global Energy Manager for a Fortune 500 company for three years, Owen implemented $60 million of clean technology. Combining his experience in fuel cells, solar PV, energy storage, LED lighting, and HVAC optimization, Owen left to launch lumeo, a niche ESCO. Within three years, lumeo hit eight figures in revenue and helped forty school districts implement energy efficiency and renewable energy.

After a successful exit from lumeo, Owen looked for his next opportunity. After nearly a decade in the clean technology industry, Owen concluded there’s too much attention given to developing new clean technologies and not enough focus on rapid deployment of existing technology. It doesn’t matter how efficient a solar module is if only 3% of American buildings have them installed.

Owen started ZNE Capital and pivoted to buying commercial real estate for the purpose of decarbonizing it. In just three years, Owen acquired and partially decarbonized $96M of multifamily properties. While ZNE Capital proves to have a successful business model, the rampant inauthenticity within the institutional impact investing space made it challenging for ZNE Capital to make impact at scale.

Owen founded Rayven to decarbonize existing buildings at scale. Rayven is the world’s first net zero real estate investment platform. Every property we buy is converted to true net zero (no offsets involved). By partnering with thousands of authentic, retail impact investors, Rayven, and every single investor will decarbonize the world, one apartment building at a time.

Julissa Machado

Director of Influencer Engagement

Julissa comes from a marketing and social media management background. Through
spearheading brand awareness and ambassador acquisition initiatives, her passion for creativity
and growth made her an integral part of the team. Born and raised in sunny Tampa, Florida,
Julissa feels at home at the beach and enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible. On
any given weekend, she can also be found connecting with local creators to support Tampa’s
thriving small business community and building a network of influencers.

Grant Bowman

Co-Founder & Senior Vice President

Grant brings a wealth of experience across the sustainable energy and real estate landscapes to ensure Rayven continues to grow a high-impact portfolio that delivers maximum value.
In addition to his leadership role at Rayven, Grant is also Senior Vice President at ZNE (Zero Net Energy) Capital, the first multifamily sponsor to enhance returns on the traditional value add model through the rapid deployment of solar panels on projects across the U.S. During his time with ZNE, Grant scaled portfolio growth and institutional partnerships with capital groups.

Previously, he worked for the energy services and performance contracting firm McKinstry on energy and water efficiency retrofits. He helped clients identify financially viable retrofit measures and capture all available utility rebates and grants.

As a true environmentalist, Grant is only willing to work with firms that have a deep positive impact. This is apparent from his time as an environmental science teacher at Seattle Academy, as well as his time as an environmental volunteer in Peace Corps. During his service, he established a profitable ecotourism business in the Congo River Basin, employing poachers to provide them with a financial incentive to not hunt endangered animals.

Grant holds a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Studies from Western Washington University and a Master in Teaching from the University of Washington.

Rhonda Giedt


Rhonda is a fractional CMO who helps companies overcome obstacles to get to the next growth milestone. She has experience in multiple industries such as healthcare, cloud storage, manufacturing, sustainability, research, connected devices, and more. She also has three successful exits with two B2C companies being acquired and in 2021 helped a B2B SaaS company IPO on the NYSE.

Earl Mohler

Co-Founder & VP Solar

Earl worked in general construction from 1998 – 2009, when he began working for Absolutely Electric, Inc., and decided to specialize in electrical work. At that point, Earl was introduced to residential solar and realized the importance of energy efficiency and energy independence. By 2010, Earl became a licensed commercial journeyman electrician in California working on everything electrical-related, from residential to industrial.
In 2011, Earl started Mohler Electric and became a C-10 electrical contractor. The following year, Earl added a C-46 solar contractor classification to his license and changed the company name to Mohler Solar. Earl is also CALCTP certified in energy-efficient lighting and lighting controls. At this point in his career, Earl designed and installed over 200 solar installations sizes ranging from 5 kW to 75 kW, and had implemented lighting upgrades for a combined annual savings of over 3,000,000 kWh.

As the residential market became increasingly competitive, Earl decided to pursue commercial installations with lumeo. Earl worked with over 40 school districts across California upgrading lighting and installing solar to help reduce operating expenses. Since then, Earl switched gears again, and for the past two years, has focused on small utility-scale installations in the multifamily sector. For Earl, the jump to small utility-scale projects was his next logical progression in the industry. Earl could apply everything he learned from the non-profit sector to the multi-family space, greatly reducing and sometimes removing the operating expense of electricity. Earl’s multifamily projects have ranged from 75 kW – 700 kW-DC. Earl has overseen the design, engineering, construction, and utility interconnection.

JR Tolver


JR is a former NFL player turned entrepreneur. After a successful career in professional football, JR shifted his focus to entrepreneurship. Leveraging his leadership skills, discipline, and strategic mindset, JR started several successful companies. JR’s determination and passion for success provide deep value to Rayven, as he continues to make a significant impact off the field.

Chris Pomerleau

Co-Founder & VP Investment Strategy

Over the past seven years, Chris has acquired more than 2,600+ apartment units worth $228 million throughout the midwest. Chris owns Brick Town Construction, Brick Town Property Management, and Liquid Lending Solutions, which are synergistic in improving the longevity and value of LeavenWealth’s assets.
Prior to his entrepreneurial activities, Chris served in the United States Army. He played college football at Augustana College, where he graduated with his bachelor’s in sociology. Furthering his education, he completed both his M.S. in Negotiation and Dispute resolution and his J.D. at Creighton Law School. He is a proud father to two children, with his wife, Shivani.

Collin Schwartz

Co-Founder and Director of Business Development

Collin has over $228 million in assets under management and 2,600+ units throughout the Midwest. Collin owns Brick Town Construction, Brick Town Property Management and Liquid Lending Solutions, which are synergistic in improving the longevity and value of LeavenWealth’s assets. He is also the creator of the largest real estate meet-up in Nebraska. He is a father to three children, with his wife, Emily. Collin graduated from Bellevue University with his MBA in finance.