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how you can Earn 10% Annual interest with net zero real estate

Low Minimum Investment. Open to Everyone.

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Our INVESTMENT Offerings

Regulation A+

Open to All Investors

10% Annual Interest
5-Year Exit Strategy
$250 Minimum Investment
Quarterly Distributions*


We enable investors to earn up to 10% annual interest in net-zero real estate investment opportunities.

1. Acquire (Buy) Apartment Building

We physically visit the property and walk every unit. We conduct a lease audit and inspect major building components. We inspect existing electrical infrastructure and meet with local utilities regarding solar. We evaluate building systems to identify energy efficiency upgrades.


2. Implement Energy Efficiency

We upgrade lighting to LED technology and perform blower door tests and re-insulate/seal. Rayven electrify and optimize HVAC when possible and recommission building controls to ensure optimal performance.




3. Install Solar PV

Our master electrician designs the system in house. We use permit running to get the system permitted remotely. We use competitive bidding to subcontract the installation.



4. Operate a Net Zero Property and Use Cash Flow to Pay Investors

We measure and verify that our buildings are net zero annually. Rayven maintains constant communication with the people and families in our buildings to ensure the best living conditions allowable. We then use cash flow from the property to pay investors.



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$190 Million

Affiliates of our manager have created $190 million in clean technology projects and $232 million worth of real estate projects over the past 10 years.


Help decarbonize the planet while enjoying a 10% preferred return*. You’re investing in real change, right now.

Why Invest With Rayven?

Real Returns.

Once acquired, our assets should continue to generate immediate monthly revenues that allow us to distribute yields to our investors.

Real Investments.

This Reg A+ offering is filed with the SEC by CrowdCheck. This type of offering is often referred to as a “mini-IPO” and requires an extensive due diligence and review process by the SEC.