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Episode 18

Convening to Exchange Ideas and Solutions for Climate Change

with Drew Shula,

Founder & CEO of Verdical Group, and the Net Zero Conference

In this episode of the Climate Rebels Podcast, Joel and Owen welcome Drew Shula, Founder & CEO of Verdical Group and the Net Zero Conference. During the conversation, Drew shares his story of wanting to focus on making an impact and doing good. The group discusses the upcoming Net Zero Conference, why these conferences are important, the need for climate solutions and impactful strategies, how to inspire the next generation, B Corp advantages, and more.

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Highlights from this week’s conversation include:

  • Drew’s work and impact at Verdical and the Net Zero Conference (1:57)
  • Special Segment: The Trees Won’t Save Us (3:48)
  • What makes Drew a Climate Rebel? (7:25)
  • The importance of convening at climate conferences (13:39)
  • The impact and adaptability of climate startups (20:14)
  • Verdical Group’s founding and journey (21:52)
  • The process and value of becoming a B Corp (28:11)
  • Growth at Verdical in recent years (31:45)
  • ESG ratings and forward commitments (32:48)
  • Don’t wait to make an impact (36:48)
  • Profit and positive impact can go together (42:00)
  • Advice for the next generation getting involved in sustainability (43:05)
  • What gives Drew hope for the future? (47:17)
  • Connecting with Drew, Verdical Group, and the Net Zero Conference (50:52)

The Climate Rebels Podcast is presented by Rayven. The climate conversation has never been hotter. As disruptors in this space, we’re hungry to find solutions to the challenges our planet faces. We celebrate the doers, those taking action against climate change and executing on their vision for a better future. You’ll hear from us, as well as leaders in science, tech, and business, as we all take steps to decrease carbon and reach net zero. The tone will be edgy, authentic, optimistic, and unafraid to call out BS. Thanks for joining the conversation. Be part of the revolution at