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Episode 13

Finding the Inflection Point in Clean-Energy Investing for Long-Term Growth

with Shanu Mathew,

SVP and Portfolio Manager at Lazard Asset Management

In this episode of the Climate Rebels Podcast, Joel and Owen sit down with Shanu Mathew, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Lazard Asset Management. During the conversation, Shanu discusses his journey of intersecting his passions of finance and investing and sustainability. The group also discusses finding the inflection point for investors, using social media to drive data points and inspire change, the friction of short-term growth vs. long-term growth, future opportunities for investment growth, and more.

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Highlights from this week’s conversation include:

  • If Climate-Tech were an NBA Legend: Special Segment (2:45)
  • Shanu’s background in the clean energy space (12:57)
  • How is Shanu a climate rebel? (13:59)
  • Living in the gray area of climate transition (15:58)
  • Shanu’s intersection of finance and sustainability (18:08)
  • Investing for impact, growth, and change (23:43)
  • Finding the inflection point for investors (29:30)
  • Using the platform of social media to drive data points (31:31)
  • Turning passion into thought leadership in sustainability (38:13)
  • The friction of quick growth vs long-term growth (41:19)
  • California’s NEM 3.0 impact of national residential investment (50:31)
  • What gives Shanu hope for the future of climate change? (53:28)
  • Connecting with Shanu (55:25)

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