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Episode 04

Focusing on Fuels

with Trevor Neilson,

Co-Founder & CEO at WasteFuel

Today we are speaking to Trevor Neilson, Co-founder and CEO of WasteFuel, a company that produces sustainable fuels through the conversion of municipal and agricultural waste. Focused on building and scaling impactful companies, and with a diverse career spanning business, philanthropy, and social change, at his core, he is a climate rebel. 

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We define “rebellion,” changing the energy system, and WasteFuel’s mission to turn landfill waste into low carbon fuels. Listen for how Trevor cold emailed the Head of Decarbonization at Maersk, the second largest shipping company in the world and got a reply within minutes! And he reveals his pivotal decision as an entrepreneur 10 years ago to only focus on climate energy. We agree with his thesis, “It’s up to you if you want to fight.” Let’s go! 

Rebel topics:

  • Defining rebellion
  • Changing the energy system, starting with fuels 
  • WasteFuel’s bet on biomethanol 
  • Solving the transport problem by focusing on shipping 
  • Creating the Climate Emergency Fund 
  • Wild animals as an integral part of our ecosystem 
  • …and more!

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