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Episode 16

Hope in the Fight for Sustainability

with Joel Cesare and Owen Barrett,

Podcast Hosts, Rayven

In this episode of the Climate Rebels Podcast, Joel and Owen fly solo without a guest and talk about trending topics in the climate and sustainability space. During the show, Joel and Owen talk about the importance of using simple messaging and sticking to it as constantly changing buzzwords create confusion, how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will continue to impact the climate conversation, the conversion of a coal plant to a solar farm in Kentucky, why sustainability doesn’t need to be an us vs them discussion, and more.

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Highlights from this week’s conversation include:

  • A Climate of Hope segment (2:15)
  • The confusion of changing buzzwords (10:49)
  • Stay positive in the fight against climate change (12:55)
  • Carbon Accounting and Emission Mitigation (19:52)
  • Trends towards mandatory climate disclosures (20:50)
  • The urgency of action in the climate crisis (29:09)
  • Consistent messaging is important (31:25)
  • The impact of climate change on ocean currents (33:24)
  • How differing approaches can coexist to protect our planet (37:44)

The Climate Rebels Podcast is presented by Rayven. The climate conversation has never been hotter. As disruptors in this space, we’re hungry to find solutions to the challenges our planet faces. We celebrate the doers, those taking action against climate change and executing on their vision for a better future. You’ll hear from us, as well as leaders in science, tech, and business, as we all take steps to decrease carbon and reach net zero. The tone will be edgy, authentic, optimistic and unafraid to call out BS. Thanks for joining the conversation. Be part of the revolution at