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Episode 10

Investing in Real Estate Strategically and Sustainably

with Brendan Wallace,

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Fifth Wall

Today we are speaking to Brendan Wallace, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Fifth Wall, the largest venture capital firm focused on technologies for the global real estate industry, including those which decarbonize the sector. We discuss everything from real estate’s massive impact and potential to mitigate our carbon footprint to the ways in which a lot of climate activism is theatrical.

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Listen for Brendan’s take on why our spaces have the most potential to help the carbon crises. And he breaks down the transition for how to make impactful changes to save the planet. It starts with awareness, capital, and then gets down to how humans decide to dedicate their lives. Let’s dive into it! 

Rebel topics:

  • Software vs hardware investors 
  • Real estate’s impact on CO2 emissions 
  • Joel’s flooded LinkedIn DM’s
  • The carbon impact of concrete 
  • Investing time and capital into issues that make a difference 
  • FifthWall’s goal to mobilize the largest real estate owners  
  • …and more!

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