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Episode 02

Making the Unsexy Sexy

with Lindsay Baker,

CEO of the International Living Future Institute

Today we are speaking to Lindsay Baker, the CEO of the International Living Future Institute. Lindsay shares the importance of envisioning the type of world you want to live in and then building backwards. She breaks down “living buildings,” their importance, and striving for a world where buildings actually make the world a better place. Spoiler alert: it’s possible!

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Today’s Rebel topics include:

  • Our Zero Bullshit reaction to the most recent IPCC report 
  • Living buildings and their positive impacts 
  • Easy and accessible ways to make an existing building healthier for you and the environment 
  • Job creation
  • Living more equitable lives
  • The monetary benefits in fighting climate change 
  • Optimism for the future
  • …and more!

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