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Episode 08

Protecting What You Love 

with Stacy Smedley,

Executive Director of Building Transparency

Today we are speaking to Stacy Smedley, the Executive Director of Building Transparency, a nonprofit organization that is focused on making information and tools easily available to help the building industry quickly and effectively address the impact of embodied carbon’s role on climate change.

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We discuss Stacy’s “Impact Junkie” mentality, her heart-wrenching origin story that kickstarted her carbon journey, and how she’s leading Building Transparency in its creation and execution of the impactful EC3 tool. She shares her POV on how our company Rayven can make the best decisions for materials after we buy buildings. Stacy gives us a taste of her meme website which is home to many published infographics and tells us about the climate songs she’s written. Tune in for how Stacy accidentally became a LinkedIn climate influencer and has made us all more knowledgeable in the process. 

Rebel topics:

  • Stacy’s childhood origin story that kickstarted her career in climate 
  • People protect what they love mentality 
  • What is embodied carbon and the EC3 tool? 
  • The push to retrofit instead of rebuild
  • Private policy vs public policy
  • Stacy’s website (climate memes, infographics, songs, etc.) 
  • …and more!

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