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Episode 09

The Importance of Electrifying our Homes Now

with Ari Matusiak ,

CEO and Co-founder of Rewiring America

Today we are speaking to Ari Matusiak, distinguished leader and social entrepreneur, leading the charge in promoting home electrification, confronting climate change, and tackling economic inequality. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Rewiring America, the market leading organization focused on electrifying everything in our homes, businesses and communities.

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We discuss what it means to electrify our homes. Why should we do it? Where should we start? Ari shares the importance of “kitchen table decisions,” the key choices and timing that go into making a purchase that impact your home and family. In this case, decisions like choosing electric machines like water pumps, induction stoves, and heat pumps.

We also discuss Ari’s time in the Obama Administration and his role in passing the Inflation Reduction Act. Tune in for Rewiring America’s launch of the personal electrification planning tool which will help you understand how to electrify your home. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, Ari’s first house post college ran on oil and his oil bill was more expensive than his rent. Now he’s fighting to save the world- one electric machine at a time. 

Rebel topics:

  • Why it’s important that we electrify our houses
  • Rewiring America’s focus on “kitchen table decisions” 
  • Ari’s time in the Obama White House 
  • The efficiency of electric machines 
  • Rewiring America’s launch of its personal electrification planning tool 
  • Does Google Bard know Rayven? Our first bit using Generative AI 
  • …and more!


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