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Episode 20

The Intersection of Art and Science in Creating Lasting Change

with Meg Haywood Sullivan,

Sustainability Strategist, Educator, and Photographer

In this episode of the Climate Rebels Podcast, Joel and Owen chat with Meg Haywood Sullivan, a sustainability strategist and third-generation creative, who is known for her work at the intersection of art and science. The conversation covers various topics related to climate change and sustainability, including the power of visualizing data through art and entertainment, the challenges of engaging with climate deniers, the benefits of spending time in nature, the need for collaboration and dialogue across political backgrounds, and more.

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Highlights from this week’s conversation include:

  • Special segment: Adventures of Joel’s Eco-Friendly House (3:15)
  • What makes Meg a climate rebel? (9:18)
  • The connection between hunting and climate action (13:19)
  • The need to take action in climate change (15:50)
  • Art as a way to communicate climate information (23:36)
  • Why the arts help bring people together (24:53)
  • Bringing nature to people through photography (32:33)
  • Uniting people around common climate goals (36:47)
  • Depolarizing the climate conversation (39:31)
  • What gives Meg hope for the future? (48:40)
  • Connecting with Meg (49:24)

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