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Traditionally, investing in startups and small businesses was reserved for the wealthy 1%. They had access to exclusive investment opportunities through venture capital firms and private equity funds, which required high minimum investments and often had strict accreditation requirements. 


However, with the movement of equity crowdfunding, anyone can now invest in companies and reap potential returns. 

First and foremost, equity crowdfunding platforms have democratized access to investment opportunities. These platforms allow companies to raise capital from a large pool of investors, who can invest small amounts of investments. As a result, equity crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional investing methods.

Equity crowdfunding provides a way for investors to invest in these high-growth potential companies at an early stage, potentially reaping returns if the company succeeds. This is a unique opportunity that was previously only available to wealthy investors through venture capital firms.

Thirdly, equity crowdfunding allows investors to invest in companies they believe in like Rayven. Traditional investing methods often involve investing in companies that are expected to deliver high returns, regardless of whether the investor believes in the company’s mission or values. With equity crowdfunding, investors can choose to invest in companies that align with their values, supporting causes and missions they care about. This adds a level of personal fulfillment to investing that was previously unavailable to most investors.

Finally, equity crowdfunding provides a level of transparency and accountability that is often lacking in traditional investing methods.


Rayven opted to run towards the crowdfunding model to allow like-minded individuals to join our cause and help flight climate change.